Sculpture Expanded – Moving Laboratory of Public Art

The Association of Finnish Sculptors is pleased to announce an open call to Finnish and international artists to submit proposals for a new kind of exhibition event Sculpture Expanded – Moving Laboratory of Public Art which will take place in May–September 2019.
The project aims to enliven the streets of central Helsinki with contemporary art. A maximum of 10 movable works of art will be selected for the exhibition event in the summer of 2019. The works of art will change places during the exhibition. This is an open call for all artists working in the fields of sculpture, 3-dimensional and spatial art. A group of artists representing different fields of art (e.g. architecture, light and sound art, performance art) may also submit a joint proposal.

The exhibition will offer the people of Helsinki an opportunity to come face to face with art on the busy streets as part of their daily lives. This will hopefully make people see their surroundings in a new way and spark conversation about the possibilities of art in urban environment. At the same time, people’s understanding of the possibilities of contemporary sculpture is broadened and boarders between different fields of art are crossed. Feedback and reactions conserning the experience, meaning and possibilities of public art will be collected from the audience.
This is an unique event presenting 3-dimensional temporary public art in Helsinki. It aims to brighten the Helsinki brand as a city of visual arts. The project is organised in collaboration with
Helsinki Art Musem HAM.

A maximum of 10 movable works of art will be selected for the project depending of their size and the overall budget. The works will be moved to new places 2 to 3 times in the summer of 2019. When planning works of art for public urban spaces, the artist(s) should pay attention to health and safety and weather resistance. In the proposal, the artist (or a group of artists) has to include a plan as to how and with what equipment the work will be moved from one place to another and what tools and possible extra workforce is needed. Relocating the artwork can be a part of the work itself, it may activate citizens or it may be a performative event. The schedule and programme of relocating the works of art will be published for the audience as part of the exhibition programme.

The works of art will be located in Helsinki, in the centre and suburbs. The jury together with the steering group will decide the final locations and the relocation schedule. The artist(s) may suggest a possible place for the work and also express any wishes or needs conserning the exhibition location and its surroundings. It’s good to keep in mind that the character of the locations may vary dramatically and the relationship between the work and the alternating surroundings is an important part of the project.

Please make sure your proposal includes the following:

  • A sketch of the work of art. The medium of the sketch is for the artist to decide and should support the proposal. Maximum scale for a miniature, if you wish to make one, is 50x50x50 cm.
  • A written description of the work (including consept, material, size, weight)
  • A written description of moving/relocating the work of art, how and with what tools, how many people are needed etc. In addition, a description of an event taking place when the work is relocated, if there is one.
  • Description of how challenges of the urban environment are handled (health and safety and weather resistance)
  • A written summary of the proposal (maximum 1 A4) in both Finnish and English, other material may be submitted in either Finnish or English.
  • An estimated budget including material and manufacturing costs. It should also include the transportation costs of the work to the first location in Helsinki and the cost of delivering the work back to the artist after the event is over.
  • The artist’s/group’s name(s), phone number(s), e-mail(s) and postal addresse(s).
  • Webpage address, CV and 1–5 images of previous works.
  • Please submit online documents in PDF format.
  • Instructions about how to return the proposal at artist’s own expense.

The works will be selected in spring 2018. Three jurors, one representing the Association of Finnish Sculptors, one representing Helsinki Art Museum and an invited curator are in charge of the selection process. Executive director of the Association of Finnish Sculptors acts as the secretary of the jury.
The jury will select the works and the make suggestions for the locations. The final locations and
relocations will be decided later on. After the works have been selected, the plans will be finalised together with the selected artists keeping in mind safety, weather resistance and installation.

Artist grant of 5000 euros (including 10% VAT or with income-tax card taxes including employer expenses) is given to each artist or a group of artists chosen to the project. The organiser is applying for exemption from taxation. In addition, expenses up to 7000 euros (including 24% VAT) will be compensated in return for receipts for each artist or a group of artists. These expenses include material and other production costs, accomodation and travel costs linked to the project and transportation of the work to the first location and finally back to the artist. The artist will have the ownership right to the work. He/she is free to apply any other grants for making the work. The organiser will make Kuvasto payments.
Relocating the works during the event will be done in collaboration with the artist but the fees and coordination of the relocations are covered by the project. Travel and accommodation costs are part of the material budget.

The ownership right and copyright of the proposal remains with the artist.

The artist may choose to take an insurance for the work. When planning the work, health and safety issues and weather resistance have to be taken in consideration. The project does not offer insurance for the works of art.

Proposals have to be submitted by Friday the 6th of April, 2018 at 16.00 (4 pm) at: Suomen Kuvanveistäjäliitto / Galleria Sculptor
Eteläranta 12, 00130 Helsinki, Finland

Please note the opening hours (closed on Mondays, Tue-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 12-16). The proposals have to delivered to the location. The artist(s) is responsible for delivery and mailing costs and insurances of the artist proposal. The proposals that have not been selected can be collected at a location, which will be decided later on and announced on the project website:! If the artist(s) wishes that the proposal is returned via mail, the proposal has to include an envelope with an address and a stamp or include other instructions for returning the proposal. The proposals that have not been collected will be discarded.

Please contact us primarily via e-mail.
Executive Director of the Association of Finnish Sculptors, Tiina Veräjänkorva / +358 9 621 6337
Any questions about the project that are sent before the 16th of March 2018 will be posted on the Sculpture Expanded project website with their answers.
The project is funded by the Finnish Culture Foundation’s Taide2 grant.