Open Call for site-specifc art (X)sites


(X)sites 2018 will consist of two exhibitions with site-specifc temporary artworks at dif ferent places along two routes in Sweden, “Kattegattleden” and “Sjuhäradsrundan.” (X) stands for the unknown in mathematics, and (X) in this context relates to the exploration of the sites. The project, with all its different parts, is characterized by exploratory or investigative work, spanning the artistic processes at the sites all the way to public encounters with the art and the landscape. An important factor in the project is that it is run by artists. (X)Sites started 2017 (documentation available on and will continue annually until 2019, and then turned in to a biennial.

Konstnärscentrum Väst (Artist Centre West) will arrange the project (X)Sites with support of Region Halland, Region Skåne, Västra Götalands Regionen, the municipalities of Ulricehamn, Tranemo, Svenljunga and Göteborg, Kungsbacka, Varberg, Falkenberg, Halmstad, Laholm, Båstad, Höganäs, Ängelholm och Helsingborg (included municipalities are subject to change), as well as the Postkodlotteriets kulturstiftelse (National Lottery) and The Swedish Arts Council.

Konstnärscentrum väst
Konstnärscentrum väst (Artist Centre West) is an artist run organisation, with funding from the Swedish Arts Council, working to improve skills and promote new artistic opportunities for artists in Sweden.

The sites
The frst route, “Kattegattleden,” runs 370 km from north to south. The second, Sjuhäradsrundan,runs 80 km. The areas along each path vary from aesthetically broad natural sites to urban landscapes. A number of areas have been chosen along each route, embedded in rich historical contexts through contemporary ongoing developing sites. Through expertise imparted by offcials with relevant historical knowledge, artists will be given access to the layers of history and contemporary urban processes. More detailed information on each area will be given to the commissioned artists.

Within the four-week working process for the artists, seminars will be included with a focus on the artistic process and landscapes from professionals to provide knowledge on what individual landscapes hold in terms of nature, biology, materials, scale, emotional connections, conditions, smells, crops, ongoing civic processes, history, archaeology, heritage, etc. The aim is to provide artists with understanding of the contexts in which they will work as well as to talk with one another about experiences and each artist’ s own process.

Participating artists are requested to document their work in a digital format (audio and video) as well as participate in the overall documentation effort of the project. This will be published on the website and provide the public with insights about the works and artistic process of the artists.

One aspect of the artists exploration, is to illuminate new perspectives on the environment. Because of this, the aim is to engage artists with different relationships to the nature along the Kattegattleden and Sjuhäradsrundan routes. A priority is to invite a diverse set of artists, some who will have a close relationship to the project geographies/landscapes and some who will have no connection at all to their assigned sites. A description of the artist’s relationship to the sites must be provided with the application. All artists are all welcome to apply. All art forms are welcome and will be judged equally.

Terms and conditions:
The following conditions must be met by the chosen artist:

1. To be responsible for his/her project with a budget, including preparatory work, installation of the piece as well as disassembly and removal of same.

2. Relate to given time frames for participation in the project in full.

3. To mark their work with signs that will be provided so that it will be visible to the public.

4. Present their work during the beginning of the exhibition.

5. Participate in mandatory meetings before, during and after the completed project. An important factor in the project is for the artists to take part in one anothers’ processes.

6. To denote their work on a digital map using GPS coordinates in order to provide information to the overall map for the public. Instructions will be given in a separate document at the start of the project.

7. Participate in the entire process and assist in the different parts of the project to create the best possible outcome. This means public relation work before and during the project in writing and on social media.

8. To describe your work digitally through audio and video recordings. This will be published on Youtube and The recordings will be accessible to the public through QR codes on the signs provided. Instructions will be given in a separate document at the start of the project.

9. Applying artists will enclose a written description with their application on their relationship to the areas along the Kattegattleden and Sjuhäradsrundan routes.

10. The artist will enclose a brief description along with the application on the nature of their artistic process.

11. The artworks produced for the project should be on site during the exhibition with a lifespan of at least 3 months.

12. The artwork is to be site-specifc and produced for the area.

13. Works produced should not make a permanent impact on the landscapes. Installation and disassembly is to be respectfully done and environmentally friendly in relation to the sites.

14. Works produced for the exhibition should not present a danger to the public. Insurance for selected artists must be obtained by the start of the production.

Financial information
All selected artist will obtain the following fee:
SEK 50.000 excluding VAT. (VAT added only for artists registered in Sweden). The budget must cover all expenses necessary to carry out the work including artistic fee, accommodations, meals, tools and materials*, transport costs, installation of the work, maintenance, travel fees, disassembly of the work, etc. (* An additional material fee, SEK 8.000 excluding VAT, will be given to some artists working in specifc municipalities, others will receive assistance and be provided with material equivalent to the same sum).

The fee will be paid in three stages:
1/3 in May
1/3 in July
1/3 in October

Preliminary time-frame 2018
2 February Open Call
4 March Deadline Open Call
5-10 March Selection of artists
11 March Notice to selected artists and contracts
17-18 May Start of project, seminars and workshops (two day intro to sites with seminars and discussions)
11 June The working period starts with further seminars and workshops
29 June End of project and start of exhibition
7 Oct End of exhibition and disassembly of works

Selection criteria:
The jury will regard the artist’s prior work in relation to aesthetic and artistic perspectives, choice of materials, technical solutions, experience and the relationship to landscapes. A key aspect is the relationship to the landscapes (see section “Background” on page 2, as to which municipalities are included in the project) because the project aims to include both artists that have a close relationship to the landscapes as well as those without any connection to it.

Artists should have experience with similar projects*, and be able to work independently, and to provide for themselves whatever is necessary to work within the conditions given. Evaluation will be made with regards to how the artists have, in prior projects: regarded the sites, choice of materials, and expected outcomes. The following aspects will be taken into consideration: aesthetic and artistic perspectives, choice of materials, technical solutions, relationship to the sites, environmental aspects, sustainability, maintenance and atmosphere of the public areas in prior projects.
*Newly graduated artists may apply and academic work will then be subject for evaluation.

The Jury:
Robert Hais, Artist / Project manager
Mats Nordlund, Artist / Project manager
Hannah Streefkerk, Artist / Artistic reference group
Mikael Ericsson, Artist / Artistic reference group
Thorbjörn Limé, Artist / Artistic reference group

To include in Application:
Local, national and international artists who wish to participate should send the application digitally (PDF) to:
The following information is to be included in the application in a single PDF document marked:
(X)Sites 2018,
(Artist Name)
Last day to apply is: 4th of March

1. Curriculum Vitae including frst and last name, address, city, country, e-mail, telephone number, and website.
2. 5-10 images of your previous work. (We do not want merely ideas, sketches or proposals for this project.)
3. One project with more detailed information on the working process in text and images.
4. A short description of your working process (max. 100 words). (For the use of marketing materials both nationally and internationally)
5. A brief statement on the relationship to the landscapes along the two routes, even if there is no or little connection between the artist and the landscape (for more info see page 2 “Artists”).
6. A good quality photograph (minimum 1mb or 1500x1500px) of the artist / artists / group. (For the use in marketing materials, nationally and internationally.)
7. A short written description about why you work site-specifcally. (max. 100 words)
8. A preference to work either in: (You may choose both)
A. Rural landscapes
B. Urban landscapes

Additional Notes:
The artist should be able to send an invoice.
Driver’s license valid in Sweden is an advantage. (Licenses from other EU countries and the U.S. will be valid for the length of the project.)
The jury reserves the right to place the selected artists along either of the two routes. (The frst visit, in May , will include a visit to the sites for the selected artists who will have a choice of area within each municipality .) You should be able to carry out your work without assistance of the project managers.

The project will select between 10 and 30 artists.
Available sites/areas in each municipality will be conveyed to selected artists.

Information on the aesthetics of the landscapes along the path can be viewed on:

Google Maps

The chosen areas for the project (X) Sites Kattegattleden 2018 will be announced to chosen artists, and later on

Information on the aesthetics of the landscapes along the route can be viewed on:

Google Maps

The chosen areas for the project (X)Sites 2018 will be announced to chosen artists, and later on