The Association of Norwegian Sculptors created in 1972 its own information and communication office for all Norwegian sculptorsThe Sculpture Office has a fixed grant from the Ministry of Culture. On behalf of the country's sculptors our office convey three-dimensional art in an objective and professional manner. The Association of Norwegian Sculptors is an organization for artists working within the field of three-dimensional art.

NBF also runs an information office, the exhibition project Oslo East Sculpture Space and the largest exhibition of three-dimensional art in Norway; The Norwegian Sculpture Biennial.

The Sculpture Office aims to accommodate all who wish to acquire three-dimensional art or would like information on Norwegian sculpture, both public and private. 
Our services also includes exhibitions and public and private competitions - everything from portrait commissions to larger embellishments, with the ability to orient themselves in the existingsculpture expressed in days.

The Sculpture office is located in The Association of Norwegian Sculptors' House in Hekkveien 5 in Oslo. We have an open library of catalogs and information about our artists readilyavailable.
The Sculpture Office is open on weekdays from 10.00 to 15.00.